Group Dagdas

Molecular mechanisms of aggrephagy in plants

Group Leader

Yasin Dagdas

Yasin Dagdas is a Group Leader at the Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology (GMI) since 2017. Prior to that, he was a postdoc at The Sainsbury Laboratory, UK. He did his PhD at University of Exeter, UK.

Projects within consortium

Plants are constantly challenged with changes in their environment and have evolved an amazing capability to acclimatize to environmental disturbances. Despite clear genetic evidence demonstrating a key role for autophagy in heat stress tolerance, the molecular details remain elusive. Here, we will investigate mechanisms of aggrephagy to understand how autophagy protects plant cells against heat stress.

Temporary cellular reprogramming, where the cellular contents are remodeled to stay in tune with the environment is crucial for cellular adaptation. Despite extensive efforts in understanding the gene regulatory networks or hormonal regulation that underlie temporary reprogramming, how the cellular contents are remodeled or renovated has remained elusive. Here, we propose to study the role of autophagy in temporary reprogramming triggered during heat stress by characterizing a novel selective autophagy receptor that we have recently discovered. Our studies will reveal significant insights on how plants employ autophagy to fight with heat stress and pave the way for future studies that aim at improving crop resilience to heat waves.


Plants, like other eukaryotic organisms, employ selective autophagy for clearing protein aggregates, a process known as aggrephagy. But the nature of these aggregates, why they hinder plant fitness, and the mechanistic basis of plant aggrephagy remains largely unknown. Furthermore, the crosstalk between aggrephagy and other proteostasis systems needs further investigation.


Here, together with Martens, Clausen, Ramundo, Haselbach, and Becker Labs, we will perform (i) chemical biology and in vitro reconstitution experiments, (ii) cargo receptor transfer studies, and (iii) in depth analysis of aging and heat stress damaged proteome analysis of plants to understand the molecular basis of aggrephagy in plants.


Altogether, our studies will reveal, how autophagy protects plant cells against heat stress and provide insights on plant aging and stress tolerance.

Project members

  • PhD Student

    Marintia Nava


  • PhD Student

    Victor Sanchez de Medina

    SFB Member

  • PhD Student

    Alibek Abdrakhmanov

    SFB Member

  • Research assistant

    Nenad Grujic


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