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By joining one of the research groups in our consortium, you will become part of and benefit from a collaborative and supportive, interdisciplinary network of researchers at all academic levels. Our consortium members are doing cutting-edge ubiquitin research on a wide range of exciting topics and regularly interact with each other to discuss their findings. Currently advertised positions are listed below.

Information for undergraduate / pre-doctoral students

Most labs of our consortium host undergraduate students to work as interns, conduct summer research projects or work on their thesis projects. So, if you are interested to join our ubiquitin community as intern, bachelor or master student, please directly contact the group leader of the topic that interests you most and send a short motivation letter plus CV. To get an overview on our research topics, please have a look at the individual profile pages.

You may also be eligible for the Vienna BioCenter (VBC) Summer School, where applications open each year in December and close end of January. When a call is open, labs participating in the upcoming VBC Summer School will be announced.

Information for doctoral candidates

Group leaders at the Vienna BioCenter (Andreas Bachmair, Christian Becker, Tim Clausen, Yasin Dagdas, David Haselbach, Elif Karagöz, Alwin Köhler, Sascha Martens, Silvia Ramundo, Noelia Urban, Gijs Versteeg) recruit PhD students via the Vienna BioCenter PhD Program. Calls open twice per year. When a call is open, recruiting labs will be announced.

The lab of Georg Winter recruits PhD students via the CeMM PhD program.
The lab of Christian Becker recruits PhD students via the Vienna Doctoral School in Chemistry.
The lab of Ilaria Piazza recruits PhD students via the MDC Graduate School.

Information for postdocs

If your interests and your profile match the subject of one of our research groups, you are encouraged to directly contact the group leader you are interested in working with. Currently advertised positions are listed below.

  • April 13, 2024 Postdoc Position in Re-programming Autophagy in the Martens lab in collaboration with the Winter lab A postdoc position is available in the lab of Sascha Martens at the Max Perutz Labs, Vienna BioCenter, in collaboration with the lab of Georg Winter at CeMM. Read more →
  • April 2, 2024 Master’s Thesis in cryo electron microscopy There is an opportunity for a Master’s thesis in the lab of David Haselbach in the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP). The lab is studying the dynamics of macromolecular machines using single particle cryo EM. Read more →
  • March 4, 2024 Open PhD positions in labs of our Special Research Program Seven group leaders within the Special Resesarch Program (SFB) in Targeted Protein Degradation are recruiting PhD students as part of the Vienna BioCenter PhD Program, which has now opened the Spring Call 2024. Read more →