December 2, 2022

Ubiquitin & Friends Symposium 2023

The Ubiquitin & Friends Symposium 2023 brings together scholars from various fields studying ubiquitin biology and targeted protein degradation, concentrating Ub and TPD expertise at a compact meeting in a stimulating and friendly environment.  Save the date, 27-28 April 2023, and register now!

Over the years the annual Ubiquitin & Friends Symposium in Vienna, originally brought into life by the Vienna BioCenter Ubiquitin Club, has turned into a unique international meeting very well known in the field.  As reflected by the name of the symposium, we aim to foster a friendly atmosphere where all attendees, a mixture of novices and experts, can easily and comfortably interact. As witnessed in the past years, this special format and stimulating environment is very well perceived by our guests, including several highprofile scientists we have invited in the previous iterations of the symposium, such as Alfred Goldberg, Ivan Dikic, Dan Finley, Keiji Tanaka, Anne Bertolotti, Kathrin Lang and Michael Rape, just to name a few.


The upcoming symposium covers the current research, challenges and advances in the Ub biology and TPD fields ranging from structural insights of the molecular machines involved in proteostasis to chemical approaches for studying the ubiquitin system as well as various biological pathways such as autophagy, protein quality control and proteostasis during stress, aging and diseases.


For the symposium in 2023, we have attracted a number of outstanding speakers: see here the list of invited speakers.


Registration is open now. See here all further information.