December 16, 2022

Tim Clausen among Allen Distinguished Investigators 2022

The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group has announced its 2022 selection of Allen Distinguished Investigators. Among them is IMP Senior Scientist and member of our Special Research Program Tim Clausen, for a collaboration with Janine Kirstein (University of Bremen, Germany).

In their project, Tim Clausen and Janine Kirstein seek to build a “protein lifespan” kit to track the life cycle of a single protein in a living organism.


See the full story in the IMP News here.


Read more about Tim Clausen’s lab at the IMP and his project within our Special Research Program.

GFP-labelled myosin in the nematode worm C. elegans. Left wildtype, right a mutant with protein aggregates. (© Tim Clausen and Janine Kirstein)