From small molecules to complex organelles

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  • December 16, 2022 Tim Clausen among Allen Distinguished Investigators 2022 A collaboration between Tim Clausen, Senior Scientist at the IMP and member of our Special Research Program, together with Janine Kirstein at the University of Bremen, was selected for the Allen Distinguished Investigators Program 2022. Read more →
  • December 2, 2022 Ubiquitin & Friends Symposium 2023 Save the date for the 9th Ubiquitin & Friends Symposium: 27-28 April 2023. Registration is open now! Read more →
  • November 18, 2022 Blocking DNA production in cancer therapy by targeting POLΘ In a recent study, researchers from Joanna Loizou’s group from CeMM and the Medical University of Vienna investigated the POLΘ enzyme and the role it plays in DNA repair. Inhibiting POLΘ represents a new approach for developing specific therapies, in particular for patients with BRCA1 mutations. The study has been published in Cell Reports. Read more →

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About the Program

Targeted Protein Degradation: From small molecules to complex organelles

Our Special Research Program is a collaborative research platform to unravel how proteins are targeted for degradation. We focus on the two major cellular proteolytic pathways, the ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS) and autophagy, and the crosstalk between them in the cytoplasm and in the nucleus. Furthermore, we investigate how small molecules can be used to chemically reprogram the degradation systems, enabling the targeted proteolysis of selected proteins in a spatially and temporally controlled manner …

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Selected Publications

  • 2022 Functional E3 ligase hotspots and resistance mechanisms to small-molecule degraders Nature Chemical Biology Hanzl A, Casement R, Imrichova H, Hughes SJ, Barone E, Testa A, Bauer S, Wright J, Brand M, Ciulli A, Winter GE Go to publication →
  • 2022 BacPROTACs mediate targeted protein degradation in bacteria Cell Morreale FE, Kleine S, Leodolter J, Junker S, Hoi DM, Ovchinnikov S, Okun A, Kley J, Kurzbauer R, Junk L, Guha S, Podlesainski D, Kazmaier U, Boehmelt G, Weinstabl H, Rumpel K, Schmiedel VM, Hartl M, Haselbach D, Meinhart A, Kaiser M, Clausen T Go to publication →
  • 2020 A cross-kingdom conserved ER-phagy receptor maintains endoplasmic reticulum homeostasis during stress eLife Stephani M, Picchianti L, Gajic A, Beveridge R, Skarwan R, Sanchez de Medina Hernandez V, Mohseni A, Clavel M, Zeng Y, Naumann C, Matuszkiewicz M, Turco E, Loefke C, Li B, Durnberger G, Schutzbier M, Chen HT, Abdrakhmanov A, Savova A, Chia KS, Djamei A, Schaffner I, Abel S, Jiang L, Mechtler K, Ikeda F, Martens S, Clausen T, Dagdas Y Go to publication →