From small molecules to complex organelles

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  • February 22, 2024 New System Triggers Cellular Waste Disposal Research teams led by Georg Winter (CeMM Group Leader and member of our SFB) and Alessio Ciulli (University of Dundee) have found a new system that triggers cellular waste disposal. Published in the journal Nature, their groundbreaking findings shed light on the mechanisms and the therapeutic opportunities of this system. Read more →
  • January 27, 2024 Postdoc position in the lab of Ilaria Piazza A postdoc position for a Proteomics Scientist is available in the lab of Ilaria Piazza (MDC, Berlin) as part of our collaborative Special Research Program (SFB). The successful candidate will play a key role in a ground-breaking project aimed at developing a new structural proteomics method to characterize candidate molecular glues and their protein-protein interactions binding interfaces. Read more →
  • January 26, 2024 Postdoc position in the lab of Andreas Bachmair A postdoc position is available in the lab of Andreas Bachmair (Max Perutz Labs, University of Vienna) as part of our collaborative Special Research Program (SFB) to investigate pathways for recognition of amino-terminal degradation signals in plants. Read more →

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About the Program

Targeted Protein Degradation: From small molecules to complex organelles

Our Special Research Program is a collaborative research platform to unravel how proteins are targeted for degradation. We focus on the two major cellular proteolytic pathways, the ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS) and autophagy, and the crosstalk between them in the cytoplasm and in the nucleus. Furthermore, we investigate how small molecules can be used to chemically reprogram the degradation systems, enabling the targeted proteolysis of selected proteins in a spatially and temporally controlled manner …

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Selected Publications

  • 2024 Targeted protein degradation via intramolecular bivalent glues Nature Hsia O*, Hinterndorfer M*, Cowan AD*, Iso K, Ishida T, Sundaramoorthy R, Nakasone MA, Imrichova H, Schätz C, Rukavina A, Husnjak K, Wegner M, Correa-Sáez A, Craigon C, Casement R, Maniaci C, Testa A, Kaulich M, Dikic I, Winter GE†, Ciulli A† Go to publication →
  • 2023 Structural basis of how the BIRC6/SMAC complex regulates apoptosis and autophagy Science Ehrmann JF, Grabarczyk DB, Heinke M, Deszcz L, Kurzbauer R, Hudecz O, Shulkina A, Gogova R, Meinhart A, Versteeg GA, Clausen T Go to publication →
  • 2023 Shuffled ATG8 interacting motifs form an ancestral bridge between UFMylation and C53-mediated autophagy EMBO Journal Picchianti L, Sánchez de Medina Hernández V, Zhan N, Irwin NAT, Stephani M, Hornegger H, Beveridge R, Sawa-Makarska J, Lendl T, Grujic N, Martens S, Richards TA, Clausen T, Ramundo S, Karagöz E, Dagdas Y Go to publication →